Fans show true class at Arch Madness

Sports editor

In a sports setting, rowdy crowds that produce insane amounts of noise for their favorite team generate one of the best atmospheres that a spectator can ever witness.

With the unbelievable atmosphere comes some diehard fans that can be disorderly in showing spirit for their team. For Wichita State at Arch Madness, witnessing that kind of behavior never happened for those on the outside looking in.

Being the No. 1 seed in the tournament, the Shockers were fortunate to miss the first day of action as their initial appearance in the tournament came in the quarterfinal round. Although the team was not scheduled to play until Friday afternoon, Shocker fans were found in the stand scoping out the competition.

Never booing or discrediting potential opponents, fans waited in the crowd for their moment to cheer and it came when the camera crew snagged a shot of head coach Gregg Marshall as he too, measured up the opponent.

The fans went into an uproar with cheers and applause, as it was their first time seeing Marshall since he was named Missouri Valley Conference Coach of the Year for the third consecutive season.

Being nearly 442 miles away from home in Saint Louis, Mo., Shocker Nation traveled with their team to cheer and support them toward a conference championship and, from the looks of the crowd, others would think that the team packed up Charles Koch Arena and brought it to the Scottrade Center.

Each round of the tournament, the crowd grew larger and the cheering got louder but the fans remained humble throughout the entire season and through their team’s success.

Even noted on SportsCenter, some college hoops fans go as far as to digging into players and coaches social media sites to find information that could distract the opposing team if it was chanted or mentioned in the crowd.

Wichita State’s student and fan section has not gone to that extreme measure to distract opposing teams. The high volume of fans and the amount of sound they produce is good enough to get anyone’s attention.

Calling Wichita State my home and knowing it is something I will always be a part of is something that I cherish dearly. I will always be and forever more Shocker proud, and this weekend’s crowd has confirmed exactly why.