REVIEW: Lizzo’s ‘Watch out for the Big Grrrls’ teaches viewers self love and confidence

Many Lizzo fans may remember when the U.S pop and hip-hop icon announced that she was looking for new backup dancers. Women across the country were given the opportunity to submit their own audition tapes in hope of being selected to twerk alongside one of the biggest names in music. Many of us, especially the not dancing type, pushed it to the back of our minds. However, our attention was quickly drawn back in when the artist released a new Amazon Prime special, “Watch Out for the Big Grrrls”, which is ranked #4 in the U.S on Amazon Prime.  Every episode of the eight-part series, Lizzo and her professional team determine if contestants have what it takes to dance on stage with the original “100% that Bitch” herself.

Thirteen women were selected and flown to Los Angeles to compete and practice as backup dancers for Lizzo’s upcoming Bonnaroo performance. Entitled “Big Grrrls”, these plus-size dancers come from every walk of life but all share the same passion for dancing on stage. 

Viewers can see advocates, mothers, social media stars, college students and more all work and grow with each other to become better dancers, and better women overall. Because there are only 10 available spots in Lizzos team (and not every girl is guaranteed a place), each episode has viewers in suspense wondering whether their favorite dancer will be sent home, fast-passed to a career as a ‘Big Grrrl” dancer, or will receive “The Juice” or “100% That Bitch” awards.

However, the most beautiful part of the show is the representation and diverse women featured. All of the dancers are plus-sized, with more than half being POC, and includes a plus-size trans woman dancer, showing beautifully diverse representation on all fronts. When was the last time you saw a TV show that didn’t use full-figured women as the butt of a joke? Each dancer can be seen going on her own self-love journeys whilst also pursuing their childhood dreams. 

The show takes massive strides in showing diversity, encouraging healthy mental behavior and proving that asking for help is not a weakness. Watching talented women be vulnerable and support each other is such a beautiful, healing concept to view that we just don’t get on reality TV anymore.

They touch on serious issues such as discrimination in the dancing field, insecurities and old injuries due to improper teaching that doesn’t match with their full-bodied figures. You can see the damage that racism and fat-shaming has on real women, women who are gorgeous and confident and beautiful yet have been torn down again and again. It also avoids the stereotypical trope of putting Black women against each other and instead shows the real frustrations and challenges that come with dancing in a professional group. This show was so beautifully open about real-life issues, but it will definitely make you cry.

Lizzos “Watch Out for the Big Girls” is a must-watch that will leave you feeling less alone in such a cruel world. The women are authentic and compassionate, and it’s truly enjoyable to see who has what it takes to make it to the stage on Bonnaroo and who doesn’t. But, as Lizzo said, “Big girls are doing it, honey!”