REVIEW: ‘Don’t Think Jesus’ adds meaning to the Christian Holiday

On Friday, Morgan Wallen released ‘Don’t Think Jesus’ to start the beginning of Easter.

In the Christian religion, the Friday before Easter Sunday is known as Good Friday. It is the anniversary of Jesus being nailed to a cross and passing away.

Wallen released ‘Don’t Think Jesus’ to help Christians focus on Jesus this holiday weekend. In just one day, the song was played over 1.4 million times and reached number one on iTunes, number two on Apple Music and number three on Spotify.

The song plays a tribute to Wallen’s life. He grew up singing at church every Sunday in his hometown Sneedville, Tennessee. After Wallen appeared on season seven of ‘the Voice’ in 2014, his career took wind and he strayed away from his religion. 

“Boy moves to city lives fast and goes hard.” After returning home from “the Voice”, Wallen moved to Nashville to continue developing his music. 

Wallen sings about his conscience telling him, “I don’t think Jesus done it that way.” Ignoring the voice, Wallen hints that continued to live his life the same because he did not know his worth.

The song shows that everyone has their struggles and nobody is perfect. To bring his religion into the song, Wallen took inspiration from the Christian Bible. He used John chapter 8, when Jesus told humanity to throw a stone at a sinner only if they were without sin themselves.  His lyric reads “World likes to rear back and throw a few stones.” He suggests society is quick to judge others, when they have no right to do so. 

Wallen wanted to remind other Christians to go into the Easter holiday remembering the meaning behind the season. ‘Don’t Think Jesus’ perfectly captures Wallen’s struggles in his life and encourages the next generation to love one another.