Stay safe and rock on: Safety tips for your next concert


Jacinda Hall/ The Sunflower

Slipknot at INTRUST Bank Arena on March 19, 2022

As the weather gets warmer, many artists are starting to head down to Wichita to perform their greatest hits and promote new albums. 

Concerts are a fun summer activity to participate in, but they can get out of hand. Especially when it comes to big, energetic acts. As someone who goes to concerts on occasion, here are some of my tips to have a safe and fun experience at your next concert.

Avoid Mosh Pits

Mosh pits look like they would be the best seats in the house with fellow concert-goers jumping to the same artist, but they are also dangerous. 

Many physical fights start in mosh pits, and they can get out of hand quickly.

If you do end up joining a mosh pit, make sure you have your personal belongings in a safe place or with someone, outside of the pit.

Be aware of those around you

Everyone is there to see the same artist, but there is always one person there that will ruin the fun. Some will even go to extreme lengths to sneak into venues to see the artist that’s playing at the venue. 

When it comes to concerts, always be on the lookout for those around you, and make sure to stay with the group you came with. 

Look for exits 

In the society that we live in now, it’s sad that we even have to think about the possibility of any forms of violence. But unfortunately, it’s another safety measure we have to take.

When you arrive at a venue for a concert, take a look around for exits you can rush out of quickly if there is an emergency. 

Do not accept drinks from someone you don’t know

Although, it may be a nice gesture for someone to buy you a drink – alcoholic or not – you don’t know the person’s intention. 

According to a 2018 article from BBC, a survey showed that 43% of women under the age of 40 have experienced sexual harrassment at music festivals. 

When people go to concerts or festivals, it’s common to get a drink or two while enjoying the event, and it can be easy to look away for a moment or two, leading to the possibility of a spiked drink.

Instances like these are reasons why you should be careful and not accept drinks from someone you don’t know as well as keep an eye on drinks you have. 

Have Fun

The point of going to concerts is to have fun and rock out to one of your favorite artists and try to stay safe while you’re at it.