Bieber can do with some growing up


My telephone went off several times Thursday with news reports about Justin Bieber’s arrest in Florida.

Later, I heard his bond was set at $2,500, which was paid the next day.

Bieber’s supporters, aka “Beliebers,” took to Twitter with the hashtag #WeWillAlwaysSupportYouJustin. However, some people who used the tag did so to call out to Beliebers about how wrong it was to support Bieber after his arrest.

Then I found a comparison between Bieber’s actions and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s interview after the Seahawks defeated San Francisco, where Sherman told the reporters that he’s the best in his profession.

The comparison, which I found on Tumblr, named good qualities of Sherman and how he was referred to as a “thug” after the interview and actions that Bieber has done, besides his arrest, that added up to him being called a “misguided kid.”

To be brutally honest, Bieber is not a misguided child. He’s a spoiled brat who has gotten out of trouble one time too many. When you think that just because you’re famous you are above the law, you’ve automatically lost my respect.

I don’t care if Bieber has sold millions of albums. Frankly, I couldn’t care less. Just because he’s famous does not mean he can get away with whatever he wants.

Call Bieber “depressed” or a “misguided kid” all you want, but in reality, he could do with some growing up. Welcome to real life, Bieber. Real life is where you realize your actions have consequences, positive and negative. I suggest you learn that before you go and do something else stupid.