OPINION: Romanticizing school will motivate you to succeed


New school year, new me. Every semester begins with a fresh start, with new classes to look forward to and the motivation to succeed in school is intact.

By now, you have probably read the syllabi, already started thinking about when those first few assignments are due and are even beginning to think about those intimidating final projects.

As the semester slowly moves forward the motivation to put your best foot forward slowly dwindles.

You have probably already begun to think that there is no way you will be able to make it out of this semester without having a good cry first.

The idea of “romanticizing” certain lifestyles has been recently surrounded by negative connotations.

Realists have said that by romanticizing one’s life that person might fall out of touch with reality.

But on the contrary, by romanticizing your life mundane tasks can turn into moments in time.

By romanticizing you can become the main character of your story and feel as if you are in control of situations.

Using some ideas that go into romanticizing can keep you motivated to strive for success in school.

Find a character from a show, movie or book that is academically inclined.

For many in college, that might be “Gilmore Girls,” Rory, a girl who has the perfect balance between school and her social life.

The thing that makes Rory appealing to students is that she always maintains a positive attitude while studying and knows that her hard work will pay off.

Academically inclined characters should appeal to students because the characters enjoy taking notes, paying attention in class and enjoy showing off their knowledge to their peers.

You can also try romanticizing college by finding different places to study. If you are always studying at home, maybe you could go to a cafe or a library. If you study alone, maybe try studying with some friends or classmates.

Another tip is to try finding an aesthetic that you feel comfortable with. This can be anything from finding an aesthetic to dress in or it can be as simple as creating a playlist or Pinterest board that will motivate you.

Some aesthetics you can try is the variation of light and dark academia.

You can also use the changing of the seasons to romanticize. The fall semester is perfect for studying because the days are beginning to shorten, the leaves are changing color and the air is crisp.

Try romanticizing before the anxiety creeps in, college is supposed to be a memorable and enjoyable experience.