OPINION: Jim Halpert is kind of a jerk


Unfortunately, I really like “The Office.”

The show is funny and heart-warming and good to have on in the background (while you look for other sitcoms to watch, for example).

Jim Halpert is, arguably, one of the best characters on the show. Aside from being handsome as all get out, he’s funny, witty, charming: overall a good character. But also, y’know, a jerk.

Don’t get me wrong: I love Jim. However, when you look at him objectively, you have to admit that he’s kind of a tool.

Jim Halpert’s whole MO for the first couple seasons (other than wooing Pam) is bullying Dwight (to woo Pam, but whatever). I love the practical jokes Jim pulls, (Putting a stapler in Jell-o? Classic!) but his jokes can be pretty cruel.

Dwight hasn’t really done anything worthy of so many pranks. Really, the only thing Dwight is guilty of is being a little annoying and cocky, but, honestly, he has something to be cocky about.

His pride and joy is being one of the best salesmen in the company, and he sure brings this up a lot. When you’re up against Jim Halpert, who is literally everything you’re not, it makes sense that you would hold onto this one shred of dignity that you have.

So while Jim is great, sure, I think we, as a society, should look at his actions from an objective standpoint and realize his “fun pranks” might be harmful and extend just a little more slack to Dwight.