Flopping is not OK in sports

I have always been an avid college basketball fan, because of the home-court environment; the best players get paid just as much attention as the players on the bench.

The best part by far used to be that there were no players acting like they got fouled when they really didn’t.

This is called “flopping,” the action of stepping in front of a charging player and then falling down before they even hit you.

Basically, it is faking a foul when a foul doesn’t need to be called.

This is a huge issue in the NBA, and players are ridiculous about it.

The situation got so bad that the NBA decided to fine players for doing it. For the first offense, players were charged $5,000, but it went up from there.

My issue isn’t with the NBA, however, my issue is that flopping is seeping into college basketball. I don’t think that’s OK.

“Man I just go out and play the games, and I do the playing and the refs do the officiating, and at the end of the game, hopefully we find ourselves on top,” men’s basketball player Cleanthony Early said.

Players just go out to play, but our job as fans is to voice our opinion and tell the NCAA that flopping should stop.

When I watch basketball now, it is almost as bad as soccer when it comes to fake penalties and fouls. I just hope something changes soon.