OPINON: September is the best time to restart the Gilmore Girls series


Wren Johnson


Despite its final episode ending almost two decades ago, the popular comedy and drama tv show ‘Gilmore Girls’ continues to be hyped on social media, especially now. Beginning the series as soon as possible will allow viewers to align their semester with Rory’s and experience not only the school year with the Gilmores, but also fall.

Writers and partners Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino took an already greatly written show to the next level by acknowledging season changes and holiday celebrations in the show. From warm color-changing leaves, to snow falling on the ground and all of the small town’s holiday decorations and events, viewers are constantly in a state of joy and excitement.

When the iconic TV show begins, the town of Stars Hollow is filled with hay stacks, various sized pumpkins and constant cups of hot coffee in Luke’s Diner. Rory and her best friend, Lane Kim, participate in the Autumn Festival in their small town. They run the stand in costumes with a scarecrow in the background.

We also witness Paris and Rory race for the best grades in their class which gives a friendly reminder that classes are important. After a couple episodes have passed, there will likely be another assignment or school-related event that gives a friendly reminder that there is school work to be done and the next episode can wait until after that Sunday night homework is done.

Rory starts at a brand new school within a few episodes of the first season. September is the best month to restart the comedy because students have finally adjusted to their new schedules and have found which time of day is perfect to relax.

The show writers did a perfect job at representing the typical teenage problems with friends, school, family and romance. The story has so many genre elements blended together to make the plot flow. Viewers laugh, cry and attend Friday night dinners with the mother-daughter duo.

Throughout the six seasons of ‘Gilmore Girls’ and Netflix’s ‘A Year In The Life,’ a four-part series to give fans closure, the content gives enough detail and character build up to be as impactful of a story as a novel, perfect for your fall viewing.