OPINION: A.I Art is not a replacement for an artist


Wren Johnson


Recently, several websites and apps have surfaced to provide another kind of entertainment: creating master-class paintings on the scale of Salvador Dali and Vincent Van Gogh with a few clicks of a mouse and a couple hits of the keyboard.

If you research on Google Images, “A.I. Generated Art,” you will find several of these paintings of a range of different styles and perceptions; you will even find links to any of the A.I. generators. While several works of A.I. generated art is impressive beyond description to observe, I feel it is a cheap additive to the industry of fine arts.

A.I. Art is an alternative to man-made work, used to save time and effort in creating genius works of art; and the art might be something the person in front of the generator hadn’t initially thought of.

Art made by humans takes much more time and effort to perfectly polish the layers, express the integrated styles to the public; and present the talent the artist has.

Imagine two paintings: one crafted by a gifted artist and one processed by an A.I. generator. Which one would impress you more? For me, ten times out of ten (unless the artist is simply a bad artist) the diligently-worked, human-made piece.

A.I art is cool to look at and it’s fun to create: you can go and make your own if you want to, but only for yourself, your friends, and your family —those are the only pros I can see of it.

Another con of A.I. art is that it could soon replace humans in the entertainment industry. Since corporate officials and managers want to produce artwork for movie posters, book covers, board game and card game covers, etc. while saving as much money as they can, they might turn to their technological teams to produce an A.I. generated painting or drawing for their endorsement.

This could cost artists their job. Not only this, but a depreciation in value of the presented product: the art was made on a machine, which anyone — which now stems out to untalented people — could access and create something beautiful to look at.

There are some people who believe that this technology could have serious repercussions to where it completely replaces paintings and drawings in general. I don’t think so. What these generators and algorithms cannot take away is an artist’s hard work over several hours of making something amazing.