Finding a tight-knit community in WSU


The Wichita State community brings me back to high school in the best way imaginable.

With all the fun events and clubs on campus, it feels like this big university is in fact a tight-knit neighborhood school.

I think my favorite student organization is the Student Activities Council. I have thoroughly enjoyed every event it has organized.

The Murder Mystery Dinner was a night to remember. I’ve wanted to attend one of those events for years, and with SAC, I was able to do so for free.

The Humans vs. Zombies tag game was such a fun, albeit elaborate, event, as well.

Everyone has their own reason about why they love WSU. Some love the basketball team, others their specific programs, but I just love that I can walk into a classroom and bond with anyone.

I thought it would be difficult to come back to school and sit in a classroom with people six years younger than myself, but WSU has a way to make every person, no matter their age, feel like they belong.

Working for The Sunflower has been a great experience as well. I’ve enjoyed getting back into the swing of writing. It has also been a great way to get involved on campus and to meet people from the various organizations that make me feel like a part of the school.

I hope that every student is able to find his or her niche on campus like I have.

I hope that everyone is able to live to the fullest after graduation and, of course, shock the nation with the person that WSU helped to mold him or her to be.