A recital two years in the making: Fairmount Trio returns


Danielle Wagner

The Fairmount Trio returned to Weidemann Hall on Sept. 25.

Three members of the faculty artist series were finally able to perform their string trio after the postponement due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

On Sept. 25, professors Timothy Jones, Catherine Consiglio and Leonid Shukaev presented their skills to an eager crowd in Wiedemann Recital Hall.

Jones brought his talents on the violin to the show. He currently is an assistant professor of the violin here at Wichita State, all the while being an Associate Concertmaster of the Wichita Symphony Orchestra. He started playing for the Wichita Symphony at age seventeen. 

Consiglio played the violin. She has been a professor of viola at Wichita State since 1989. Her position as Principal Viola in the Wichita Symphony has also been held since 1989. 

On the cello was Shukaev, who is a cello and chamber music coach at Wichita State University’s School of Music. He began teaching in Russia and has taught many great cellists who now play in Russia and European orchestras. 

The program was prepared before the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, but had to be put aside as the pandemic started. In the past couple of months, the professors were able to pick up and finish what they started.

The trio performed three sets of pieces, including composing from Mieczyslaw Weinberg, Astor Piazzolaand Jean Cras.

“I think the most enjoyable part of putting a performance like that together is just exploring all the different colors and characters that we can create,”Jones said, “stimulating each other to create new ideas about what the music means and how to express it.”

During the recital, Rodney Miller also unveiled a new art piece to add to the collection in the lobby of Wiedemann Recital Hall. A statue was donated from the Bloomfield Family Collection in the name of Samuel and Henrietta Bloomfield. Many other works of art in the Bloomfield lobby are from the Bloomfield Family Collection.

Overall, the concert was a combination of both visual and musical arts. Weidemann is home to many such performances and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.