OPINION: Falling for fall, sobbing for summer

Do you feel that? That cool autumn breeze goes through your flannel; finally, summer is over. And yet, you may still find sand in your car and have nightmares of your seatbelt burning you while you desperately wait for the air conditioning to kick in your oven of car. No more frustration-filled mornings of you trying to pick out an outfit that’s suitable for 100 degree weather.

Now you can throw on jeans and a cozy sweater and look effortlessly stylish. You can order an iced pumpkin spice latte and drink it leisurely without worrying about the ice melting within seconds. Autumn means spooky season, which means you have loads more fun activities to do with your friends, like going to the pumpkin patch, the apple orchard, trying all the new fall treats and, perhaps the best of all, going outside and looking at all the beautiful changing leaves.

In the summer you couldn’t walk out the door without sweating off your sunscreen. That’s another great thing about fall: no more sunburns and greasing up on sunscreen just so you won’t look like a lobster.  Sure there’s the argument that, in the summer, we get to enjoy ice cream and snow cones, but no, no, you don’t. You get to be sticky in the heat because your snow and ice cream melted all over you and now you get to look super cool while doing your best to lick it off nonchalantly… Anyone got a napkin?

After a long day of soaking up a sunburn, melting your treat and getting second-degree burns, you have the pleasure of swatting your way through spiderwebs and June bugs. Let’s enjoy every second of this fall because, unfortunately, summer will be back to haunt us.