REVIEW: ‘The Golden Girls’ at Roxy’s Downtown is a treat for all

Everyone and their grandma has heard of “The Golden Girls,” and likely heard the theme song, too. For me, “Thank You for Being a Friend” usually means that “The Andy Griffith Show” is over, and it’s time to change the channel. So, while I was excited to see “The Golden Girls” at Roxy’s Downtown, my expectations were admittedly a bit low.

Honestly, I was completely blown away. I’d never been to Roxy’s Downtown before, and I was amazed at how intimate and charming the venue was. You have to enter through the back as opposed to the street entrance on Douglas, and a funky mural welcomes you into the doors. Then, you take a steep staircase surrounded by posters of local productions, until finally, you reach the stage.

Roxy’s Downtown serves themed food and drinks. I wasn’t cultured enough to get most of the references for the “Golden Girls” menu, but I did order a cranberry spritz drink, which doesn’t take prior knowledge to appreciate.

I’m not a huge fan of plays, but Roxy’s production of “The Golden Girls” might be enough to change my opinion. It was, in a word, incredible. I sat by the subwoofer, which I learned is a fancy word for a speaker from my cultured friend Jay, but the volume level was never excessive and definitely never took away from the experience of the play.

Starring four grown men (Tom Frye as Sophia, Scott Noah as Blanche, Kyle Vespestad as Rose and Monte Wheeler as Dorothy) who are big names in the local theater community, “The Golden Girls” has three acts, each covering a specific episode of the play. My friend was ecstatic when he recognized some of the storylines were an episode he’d seen before. I did not have this experience, but I still thoroughly enjoyed each act.

“The Golden Girls” is funny, heartfelt at times and overall a wholesome time for fans of the show, enthusiasts of local theater and people who enjoy a good laugh. Frye, Noah, Vespestad and Wheeler’s performance is something anyone can appreciate.