OPINION: ‘Midnights’ may be Taylor Swift’s best album yet


Courtesy photo of Spotify

After nearly two months of sleepless nights anticipating Taylor Swift’s new album, “Midnights” was finally released Friday, October 21.

Her tenth studio album, comprised of “a collection of music written in the middle of the night, a journey through terrors and sweet dreams” and the story of 13 sleepless nights throughout the span of Swift’s life, has already knocked fans off their feet and drowning in tears.

Midnights is a lyrical masterpiece.

With some of Swift’s sharpest lyrics that cut bone-deep, we also get to experience some of her most intimate lyrics and songs to date.  Her lead single “Anti-Hero” and song “You’re On Your Own, Kid” are just some of the songs that delve into Swift’s self-doubt and insecurities in a way that has fans not only relating to the lyrics but also connecting to them. With songs like “Karma” and “Vigilante Shit” that sing about revenge and getting even, to songs like “Maroon” and “Snow on the Beach” that have the delicate theme of falling in love. Midnights gives us an array of genres that shows the progress of her career.

Swift announced her new album at this year’s VMA’s, shocking her fans and everyone in the audience. Since then, Swift had teased the album’s release with a TikTok mini-series titled Midnights Mayhem with Me, where she revealed a track title off of the album every episode. With 13 songs on the original album, Swift also released a surprise “3am Edition” on the same day at 3am with 7 additional songs.

With her new album, we get a deeper sense of the way Swift sees her relationships and herself, falling deep into the “Lavender Haze” of love while falling deeper into the “Labyrinth” of her own mind.