OPINION: Tragedy deserves only the truth

“Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” has encased itself in popularity and controversy, due to its retelling of the horrendous crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer. Much of its controversy stems from the fact that it opens old wounds for the families of the victims and anyone else hurt from the crimes.

There is exploitation and glorification of true tragic and horrific events in the media industry. And after much consideration on the topic, I have come to a conclusion: whenever there is coverage of a tragic, horrendous event within the entertainment outlet, it should be made only to inform the modern audience masses, with no exploitation and no false accounts, but only truth and care in the matter involved.

Even though the new Jeffrey Dahmer series is a retelling of its grisly history, there is a fictitious undertone in the matter. Since the scenes are of actors acting and scripted dialogue, not everything is true to real life. I feel this series was made to pay respect to the victims and tell the story in a new understanding way, such as focusing on the victims and not only on Dahmer; however, there are some people who will believe all of these events in the show are the actual truth. There are plenty of resources available, such as documentaries, real-life videos and interviews.

I feel it is essential to take risks, but only in the best accordance, which is where I feel the Netflix series “Dahmer” didn’t do completely right. This awful event should only be relevant in documentaries. That also goes for any other event of less tragedy or more significant tragedy.