OPINION: The significance of fine arts and performing arts in our modern world

What was once known as “art” were only the fine arts: painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry; along with the performing arts: theatre and dance. These art fields are unique and classic areas of creative entertainment, but they are not as perceived or sought out as the new norm has become with the current generations, even though they are still equally significant as the other art fields.

The new definitions of “art” have taken on several meanings within the past century. The latest definitions of art are currently defined as film, animation, graphic novels, video games and more along these looser lines. With our tremendous advancements in technology within the past fifteen years, these definitions are appearing to become the modern, cultural norm of “art.”

Since the fine arts and the performing arts seem to be left behind, then what is the point of discussing them? It is because these fields are still universal to modern artistic study with the new variations of “art.”

In order to understand why fine arts and performing arts will remain relevant over time, it is crucial to know that art creates a subjective audience. A person will give Overwatch 2 a positive review and another person will give it a negative one. Someone will absolutely love Frida Kahlo’s painting and hate Pablo Picasso’s paintings, and vice versa. Someone will absolutely adore William Shakespeare and will have seen every rendition of Dracula.

This is where I feel fine arts and performing arts will always be crucial in entertainment media. Despite the audiences of observers in art museums and the hordes of people who attend plays has decreased as more technological art has evolved over the past century, there will always be audiences at the museums and theatres.

It is actually a necessity in these businesses for new forms of art to take the people by storm. The new forms serve as a healthy competition to the older forms of artistic entertainment. This is what helps create a person’s subjectivity on their matter. Does someone want to go see a play adaptation of one of their favorite stories, or go play the new season of Fortnite, or both?

Even as we continue to advance further and further into our new technological lifestyles and will discover and create new forms of art, it is important to remember that when there is enough appreciation for a way of art, it will never truly die, but will continue to be utilized.