What Not to Wear: Basketball fan edition


Tried and true Shocker basketball fans probably don’t spend an enormous amount of time deciding on an outfit to wear to a game. 

Wichita State T-shirt? Check. Any other related Shocker gear or accessories? Check. There’s not much else to consider. 

However, some fans either don’t care what they wear to games, or they don’t think about the potential consequences of their style choices. Whatever the case, “What Not to Wear: Basketball Fan Edition” is here to help. Here are some items that shouldn’t be included in your outfit on game day:

High heels: Ladies, Charles Koch Arena has tons of stairs. No matter where you sit, chances are you’ll have to climb or go down stairs, and trying to do that in heels is an accident — and viral YouTube video — waiting to happen.  

Rival team’s colors: You planned on going to the game and then forgot your Shocker shirt. Whether you’re wearing the opposing team’s colors or just the wrong ones, you need to find a replacement shirt ASAP. It’s just plain tacky to be wearing the wrong colors. 

Big hats or big hair: When pondering what hat you’re going to wear or how you’re going to do your hair for the big game, think about the people behind you. Unless you are planning on sitting in the top row, the Seuss-inspired hat or pouf higher than Snooki’s aren’t the best options.  

Over the top clothing: Remember you’re attending a basketball game, not New York Fashion Week. Games can get crazy and you’ll likely be on your feet for most of them. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, or you’ll probably regret it later. 

With these tips, make a statement that you’re a WSU super-fan, not that you’re a rookie attendee. To go to a basketball game, really all that’s necessary is a pair of jeans and a Shocker t-shirt. No need to over-do it.