OPINION: A college girl’s guide to study spots

Everybody is going to have their own preferences when it comes to studying. The thing you have to realize is if you aren’t comfortable where you study, you won’t be able to accomplish a whole lot.

For me, I like it quiet but not dead silent. The second floor of Ablah Library is perfect for me, it’s not a quiet zone, and has some background noise.

Some people may need it dead quiet, or the opposite, and need a lot of noise. It’s important to figure out which works best for you.

Once you know your noise level, you can start looking for places to study. Here are some study points categorized by level of noise.


The third floor of the library is the quiet zone. It’s eerily quiet up there so if that’s what you’re looking for give it a try. There’s less room up there and smaller tables, but it’s perfect for studying by yourself.

There are empty classrooms all over campus. You can pick one in a building you know and get to work, by yourself or with a group.

Background Noise:

Good places for background noise can be found anywhere. Hall lobbies are a good place for that medium ground. There’s usually not a lot of people, but you still get noise.

Like I said before, the first and second floors of the library usually provide a good atmosphere with slight noise. Between the big tables and whiteboards this would be a great place for a group study session.

It’s getting cold out, but outside is another great spot for some sound. All over campus there are chairs and benches you can sit at. Though, if you prefer, the grass will be very nice come spring.


When you work best in louder conditions, the student center might be the place for you. Specifically, the first floor where there is constant commotion.

Another good spot might be in the dining hall. This will be a more active study spot. You can study during meals or in between when it’s more empty.

Coffee shops on and off campus are great places to sit down to work. If you like being surrounded by the scent of espresso and constant movement this might be the spot for you.

I would suggest having multiple places you can go to. Depending on what you’re studying or who you’re with, a different environment could help.

No matter how you like to study, there are places all over campus. Find somewhere you can be comfortable but still get work done.