OPINION: The importance of not idolizing your heroes

Most college students have an influential figure or a personal hero. Perhaps they are the reason why the student has taken the path to studying their majors and minors. However, the problem with this is it is unhealthy to idolize personal heroes, no matter how crucial or influential they have been to a student’s life.

In general, it can be unhealthy to idolize anything. The word “idolize” is a more comfortable way to say “worship.” When a person is idolized, they become God-like in the eyes of their worshippers. While worshiping something is not necessarily problematic in itself if practiced in a healthy way, it can easily become obsessive and emotionally damaging. I feel it should be reserved in moderation to religions and anything along this line, not to people.

Idolization can have serious repercussions, such as isolation from family and friends, unwillingness to participate in activities, not allowing time to study or work, etc.

While there are still some adults who feel the need to idolize — completely worship — something, it is crucial to remember that even the best of everything is flawed. This is best learned when childhood ends and adult life enters — during the college years.