“Infinity Pool”: A hypnotizing, horrifying class affair


Courtesy photo of Film Forge

A hallucinogenic thrill ride through hedonism, Brandon Croenenberg’s third feature film, “Infinity Pool (the R-Rated version),” continues his exploration of the filthy rich and what happens when they have a scientific revelation at their fingertips.

Here, it involves a country so heavily reliant on tourists to drive their local economy that they clone them at a hefty price tag and execute their clone for whatever crimes they commit.

Working from the perspective of the cloned instead of the scientists works in “Infinity Pool”’s favor. It doesn’t try to explain the lore and technical side of cloning because why would any healthy audience care?

The film is set on an oddly muted fictional island resort but its lack of color is made up for with psychoactive color pops and flashing frames that make up some of its most intimate and frightening moments.

Croenenberg is proving to have a genuine and, perhaps, genetic knack for storytelling on a visual front but I desperately wish he would let someone else write his movies.

The style on its own is enough to keep you engaged but during the scenes that are filmed more traditionally, the writing reveals itself as lacking depth.

The script here isn’t bad. It won’t take you out of the moviegoing experience or accidentally turn this into a comedy but it is just boring. The characters are engaging but that is more to the credit of the actors than the script.

Alexander Skarsgård continues the family tradition to play the weirdest little guys that horror directors can come up with and he kills it again. He is sensitive, barbaric and, ultimately, submissive to Mia Goth’s domineering and derisive femme fatale.

Goth continues to build herself up as a new age queen of horror. She worked so well as this manipulative and exploitative pseudo-cult leader of all the other ‘zombies,’ as the film calls them, or other people whose clones were killed in their places.

“Infinity Pool” is one of the smarter class satires that has come out in the past two years and it engages heavily in sex (take this as a nudity warning), drugs (take this as a flash warning) and the laissez-faire attitude about life that money allows the rich to have.