OPINION: Having different opinions is beneficial

The world around us is full of fascinating and unique individuals. Each person has their own way of going about their lives, how they think and how they interact within their world. They perceive the things in their lives from the foundation of their personal opinions. These opinions are part of what makes a person stand out. In fact, I feel that every opinion a person has to share matters in one way or another.

In everyone’s say-so, their opinions about a subject can be well-pondered and their point of views are explained concisely and objectively; however, it is still based with an undertone of subjectivity. Other opinions are unthoughtful with loosely-reasoned subjective logic. For instance, an argument for a well-reasoned opinion is how a certain fruit is better for you than others when based on its calorie intake, amount of nutrients and mineral content while also acknowledging the fact you have not researched all the nutritional information of all fruits, and so there could still be a more nutritional fruit to eat. An argument for a more objective opinion is how a fruit is the best simply because it tastes better than other fruits.

However, all opinions has a form of fallacy and objectivity as a foundation. If it didn’t have these underlying principles, opinions wouldn’t be opinions: they would be scientific facts.

Human beings by nature are subjective creatures. Based on their worldview, some people have differing opinions with each other and other people have similar opinions with each other. Human beings by nature also search for objectivity in life. When they do this, they knowingly and unknowingly incorporate their opinions into their lifestyles.

When truthful objectivity clashes with personal subjectivity is when any sort of opinion matters. Everyone will at some time in their life base their beliefs and form their opinions based on the opinions of others. For instance, a child may grow up with opinions and livelihoods similar to that of how their parents raised them. Also, the child’s opinions will further develop from the people they meet and bond with best. Depending on the situation and the people in the situation, these developed opinions can either be good or bad. Because of the bad and outright awful opinions out there, it is essential that all opinions are listened to, so we can all decide from our own opinions whether they should be adhered to or disregarded.