OPINION: Why people need accounts of fear

Whenever a dire situation occurs that can cause a lot of physical and/or emotional pain, whether now or in the future, fear is the usual instinctive reaction.

Depending on what the situation specifically is will determine how we respond. Fear may dictate if the person within the situation will run or hide away for their safety or face the situation to fight it to keep their pride in check. In either circumstance, fear is the factor which can protect us but also harm us. While fear can be a detriment in a particular amount of cases, it still plays a key part in everyone’s development.

Without fear, people would never be able to truly comprehend and assess the dangers around us. Everybody hears of terrible things happening in the world and will show no fear since it isn’t a concern in our lives; however, when people do come across some of these things one day or another, it drives home the universal message that the world can be harsh and difficult to wade through, and that everyone is scared of some of those terrible things that can happen. The fear each of us feels can assist us in guiding and protecting us in some way.

Fear also builds up a stronger mental mindset, if used in healthy ways. 24Life provides information on how fear can make you stronger. The first tip is that fear helps set boundaries. This means people believe something worse will occur if the boundary is overstepped; everyone has to challenge themselves to see if they can conquer the fear of overstepping it.

The second tip is that fear assesses a situation a bit clearer so the solution is more focused upon.

The third tip and fourth tips are when fears are conquered, the conquerors become wiser and more courageous from it.

The fifth and sixth tips show that conquered fear instills resilience and motivation in a person so they can improve.

Of course, fear isn’t the best for everyone all the time. Too many accounts of fear isn’t good for the mind. It may cause intense phobias and constant plagues of stress and anxiety. This is why when confronting the fears head on, it is crucial to find the best way to conquer them, and relinquish their power over you.

In order to live a more astute and stimulating lifestyle, it is essential to take fear and try to overcome it or at least work with it the best that you can. Without it, people may not be able to recognize the dangers within the world and they would not be able to improve to become their best selves.