OPINION: Why everyone needs criticism

No one remains the same forever, which is normal human nature. People change from all sorts of different experiences, such as biological maturation or traumatic events.

One particular experience that helps change people are criticisms. Both positive and negative criticisms leave a lasting impact on the receiver over whatever the subject of the criticisms are. They can benefit or worsen the person who is being criticized. It is often seen that criticizing demeans the person, but this is not always the case. In fact, all people need to be criticized over something in their life.

The criticism of a person or their work is usually spoken in negative remarks. These remarks can appear insinuating and perhaps outright insulting. However, despite the unwanted sayings, they are significant to the person being criticized, since they build character in the individual. This person will take in the criticism they are given to do one of two things. They will either take it in and decide whether to allow the criticism to change them or to ignore the criticism since they find it unimportant. To do either depends on the person and the situation the person is in. It is always best to do the things which make people grow, which could mean taking in the criticism.

Criticism will allow the person to take in a new perspective of themselves and of what they are trying to accomplish. It is always incredible to take in new ideas and views in life. However, the problem is that people need to be careful with what kind of information they take in as their new perspectives form. Negative constructive information may lead people to deeply doubt themselves or it can lead them to them trying harder on what they are doing. On the other hand, positive constructive information motivates people but can also lead them to believing there is no need to improve what can be improved.

Criticism is beneficial for everyone, whether some people believe it to be or not. Of course, despite it depending on the kind of situation and the kind of person receiving the criticism, criticism can be a challenging part of learning about one’s personal identity and of the identities around them. It makes one think if there is a necessity for change, and if so, in what degrees? I feel that everyone should take the criticism given to them with a grain of salt, since there are lackluster criticisms out there, and take from the constructive criticisms in which they feel will benefit them the best.