OPINION: The importance of social media

Despite the reputation social media apps receive for being detrimental and distracting to people, they still promote several positive aspects to a person’s life. In fact, some of these aspects would not be possible without social media existing.

Social media creates new responsibilities when people make accounts, depending on how the person interacts with their accounts determines their level of responsibility. Some people can reserve themselves and don’t take too much heed while other people can be active daily. What both kinds of people have in common is they possess new responsibilities with their connections to the Internet. These responsibilities differ based on what communities they’re involved in, the people they virtually meet and the kind of posts they make and the sharing they do.

What someone puts out on the web will be with them for the rest of their life. This is why it’s so crucial to always check and double-check the kinds of posts someone makes before posting them. Anyone can see it and react to it. The best way for someone to react as positively as they can is if the person who posted takes the time to acknowledge just what they are posting.

Any sort of post or interaction can lead to an online community experience. It’s a chance to interact and perhaps meet new people. You can connect with someone from a faraway place with similar or different cultures and ideologies. If the right people are found, it can create new and uplifting experiences.

Social media allows for a diverse array of people to reach out to one another. It connects people who might have never met in person with one another and develop new friendships and companionships. It showcases different cultures and ideologies to those who might otherwise be unaware.

The main goal of social media is to initially connect with other people and discover a different world outside of one’s own. While this intention has succeeded, it has also built on the separation by exposing just how diverse the human race is.

This is why it is so essential to try and find the right people to connect with. Even though this is difficult and the prospect of social media is unthinkably scary, it is still worth the risk.