Enough with the reckless driving on campus


On-campus drivers are some of the worst I have ever experienced.

The parking situation is irritating, but it’s by no means a reason to drive like a 15-year-old.

One morning, I began to back out but quickly realized I was blocked in from every angle.

Two drivers battled over my parking spot to the point that both had inched their cars as close to the spot as possible. And since I couldn’t pull through or back straight out, I was stuck.

They noticed and each took a tiny scoot back for me to inch my way out, but couldn’t move much as they had created a traffic jam throughout the parking lot.

After a six-point turn, I made it out without hitting any other vehicles.

Parking on campus is not extreme enough for events like this to happen. Stop fighting over parking spots.

If you have to park far away, suck it up and get some exercise. It takes ten minutes to walk almost anywhere on campus.

I am finally realizing why insurance rates are reduced at age 25. Inattentive driving may know no age, but responsibility does.

I used to be a reckless driver. I thought driving fast was cool. Now I think about safety, ticket costs and insurance deductibles.

It’s better to arrive safe than on time if the choice arises.

The campus speed limit is 20 mph, and sometimes I feel it should be slower.

With pedestrians, bicyclists and skateboarders roaming the streets at all hours, it is imperative to drive the speed limit. Whether utilizing the crosswalk or not, they have the right of way.


I know from experience that being hit by a car at a low speed can cause as much permanent physical and emotional damage as a horrific wreck at high speeds.

Driving is a responsibility, not a right, so do it right.

Shut out distracting electronic media, be respectful of pedestrians and other drivers, slow down and pay attention.

I’d hate for you to pay my medical bills or buy me a new car because of poor judgment and impatience.