OPINION: Mystery movie experience amplifies easy-going comedy ‘Paint’


Photo Courtesy of IFC Films

For the past few months, Regal has offered $5 tickets once a month for upcoming releases on Mondays but there’s a catch – you have no idea what movie it will be.

After hearing about this through Regal promotions and the Regal Unlimited subreddit, I decided to take a chance on a Monday at 7 p.m.

The mystery element of this watch lowered my expectations, and I would recommend going to a mystery movie if you find yourself watching the same things over and over again.

This month’s mystery movie was “Paint.” Owen Wilson stars as Carl Nargle, a Bob Ross parody, as he copes with the fact that time has moved on from him and his lulling PBS painting show.

The cast as a whole worked well together and added to the small town feel of Vermont’s largest city, Burlington. Wilson in particular seems to be having fun becoming his own version of Ross.

I enjoy any kind of media that exists outside of linear time. (Where are my Series of Unfortunate Events people at?)

“Paint” puts itself sometime in the present but between the general laid-back vibe of denim-heavy and mountainous Vermont. The underfunded and outdated setting of the PBS-Burlington station places the story in some hazy in-between.

It was a fun watch that doesn’t take itself seriously. All of the comedic pieces fall into place even if all the jokes don’t individually land. “Paint” is one of those movies that I think more fondly of the further away I am from the first viewing.

“Paint” comes to theaters again on April 6 and will get its wide release on April 7. After its theatrical release, it will stream on AMC+.