OPINION: Why you should see what the world has to offer


Wren Johnson

An illustration relating to Tyler Guthrie’s column about the benefits of traveling.

No one likes to stand and sit in the same place all the time.

There is so much to explore. Places outside your comfort zone will call for you and demand your presence. I think you should listen to and adhere to these requests, because traveling far into the outside world is beneficial for everyone.

Think of all the sights you could see, depending on where you go. Since the most beautiful sights in Kansas are rolling hills everywhere and glistening lakes here and there, a journey to another state or to another country is thrilling.

Perhaps a trip to the Montezuma Castle, or to the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks or the historic sites in Boston, Massachusetts, where you can see national monuments and treasures. Maybe you could take a cross-country trip to observe as much as possible. If the plan is to go visit another country or countries, perhaps you’ll visit the Taj Mahal in Agra, India or Kakadu National Park, Australia or the Dancing Building in the Czech Republic.

There are unique sights  everywhere in the world. Deciding on what to see depends on what catches the eye the most. It also could require some research.

This is a downside of traveling: the planning.

Planning can be a subjective downside (depending on the person planning the trip). It is a hustle to plan the sightseeing, the hotels, restaurants and funds.

However, it is worth it to go out and see what the world has to offer. I have recently been to Denver, Colorado, for a club trip, and it was something I needed. There is a unique majesty of being in a different place. For places which are familiar and remind you of home, there is a wonderful sense of belonging which makes you feel as if you had lived there so long that you could understand it like the back of your hand.

For unfamiliar places, then there’s opportunities to experience and appreciate the world for what it has to offer. To witness what you may have never thought you could witness, traveling will show you how divine and diverse the world is.