OPINION: Paramount Pictures rolls a natural 20 on DND adaptation


Courtesy photo of Paramount Pcitures

You may have heard of the “devil worshiping” game Dungeons and Dragons, better known as DND, but have you heard of the movie inspired by the game that just came out?

“Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” hit theaters on March 31, and I, being a DND player and movie enthusiast myself, went to see it with friends as a day-late birthday present.

Going into the movie, I was hoping for the best but expecting the worst, as most game-to-movie adaptations go.

But for a short two hours and fourteen minutes, I was blown away. It truly was an incredible movie. There are some parts that I thought were a little tacky, but it’s a movie inspired by DND, so I was expecting a little tacky.

Tacky bits aside, it really was a gorgeous film, especially with some of the scenic backgrounds and magical effects. I would for sure go to see it again, especially for the D20 popcorn bucket.

Honestly, even if you know nothing about DND, you would still understand and probably enjoy this movie, due to the fantastical elements. Some of these elements that stood out to me were the subtle magic effects, and of course the special effects makeup for the elves, giving them a somewhat ethereal look.

Aside from the DND classes and a few Easter eggs here and there, it really is just an adventure movie with magic.

And, who knows, after you leave the theater, you may find yourself wanting to try the game behind the movie.