OPINION: Ways to balance all your college work


Wren Jonhson

Illustration depicting Tyler Guthrie’s column on ways to balance college work.

Transitioning from our youth to our adulthood can be a confusing and nerve-wracking process. There is not only the pressure within yourself and from others to “find your calling,” but also the pressure from the university to complete your studies while building a resume.

This year, I’ve had to find ways to alleviate my personal stress when juggling assignments, the times of my classes, my job and my club organizations.

The time we spend on homework, studying and classes can take an incessant amount of time out of our lives.

We have to see our friends and family, work our jobs and do the things we love. This is why it is crucial beyond everything else to manage your time accordingly. What has helped me is to complete an assignment or study session everyday in order to get them done, even if the deadlines are far away. This is to ensure that all assignments and activities will be done and completed with good time left.

When you have to work on a difficult assignment, study difficult terms or create a large presentation, break it down into smaller parts and look at these parts instead of it all as a whole. When you focus on these individualities, they will become more clear and sensible to you. For example, study one element for a little while before focusing on the other alkali metals, instead of trying to cram them all in at once.

Attributing these three practices into my daily school routine has helped me pass my classes, do outstanding work in my clubs and organizations and kept my head level as I work another shift for my job.