OPINION: Keep in touch with good old friends even as life goes on



Illustration depicting Tyler Guthrie’s column about keeping in touch with friends.

Think about the people in your life right now — the ones you hold with high regard, love and respect.

I am sure you also thought about people you don’t keep in touch with anymore. Those people hold a candle in your mind for good reason.

Friendships can end or fizzle out for a variety of reasons. While it depends on the circumstances, keeping in touch with old friends can reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

Oftentimes, you have strong connections with these people. In some cases, people from your youth help you learn more about yourself than you would’ve learned on your own. To me, that is something that should not be forgotten.

If you want to reignite past friendships, try and find them on social media. If you already speak regularly with them, try and keep in touch, just to show that you care.

Individuals that you have familiarity with will always have a connection with you.