Facebook: new place for finding lack of intelligence


Social media can tell us something about people we never knew before.

Facebook is especially good at this. I’ve learned about people’s specific religious beliefs, where they’ve worked in the past, where they went to school and more.

I’ve also seen a lack of intelligence from people, usually on photo comments. I knew there were some not-so-smart people on Facebook, but not to the extent that I found.

Take the Facebook page of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” for instance. Anytime the page posted photos related to Season 15, which premiered last week, the comments on the photos blew up.

Among the comments: “I can’t wait for the new season to start!” “Olivia’s a badass, she’ll get out of this,” or “#SAVEBENSON.”

Then, there were the stupid comments: “When does the new season start?” “You better not kill Olivia off,” “What channel is it on?”

Seriously, people? Wake up and do your own research. Besides the fact that the show has always been on NBC since its inception in 1999, the other similar comments show me stupidity at a high level.

Instead of asking when the show was coming back, they could have looked at previous posts and found the date of the premiere. Or, they could have looked in the cover photo of the page and immediately spotted the premiere date in the lower right corner.

As for Olivia (Mariska Hargitay) leaving the show, they should have Googled it. They would have found several key pieces of evidence showing Olivia’s return, including Hargitay herself Tweeting about coming back for Season 15.

Not only do these stupid questions show a lack of intelligence, they show the extreme laziness of people. It takes only a simple Google search to look up information about a subject, yet people choose to ask stupid questions on a Facebook page, where nobody will answer the question.

Be smart when posting on Facebook, even on the pages. Don’t ask stupid questions that have already been answered numerous times. Don’t know the answer? Look it up. This is the Internet age, after all. It’s not that hard to do a simple Google search to find an answer.