OPINION: How to make it through hard times


Wren Johnson

Columnist Tyler Guthrie writes about making it through hard times.

Everyone will endure their share of difficulties in their lives. 

The real questions to ask are: “Can you overcome these difficulties?” and “If so, how do you go about it?” and “Will it change you for better or worse?” 

If you can answer these three questions positively, then you know how to overcome your hardships and how to make the best out of them.

First, you must assure yourself you can reach the path. You have to see the solution, and when you do, you must reach out and grab it, or follow any steps to it. 

For instance, imagine your rent has increased too much and you don’t know where to go or what to do. 

In situations like this, people, unfortunately, allow the problem to nestle in their minds to the point where they cannot focus on the solution; the stress and anxiety can become too unbearable. 

Even the solution and all which follow it can cause stress and anxiety. You may have to compromise your rent situation with a slightly cheaper option, although it’s still enough to cause heavy breathing and tight muscles. How do you feel better until you find a better and more sensible resolution? 

What has worked for me is to focus on the hobbies and activities I love to do, such as painting, jogging, playing any kind of game, reading, writing, etc. This is what you should partake in if you are having any bad days or if you need any cheering up. 

To take your feel-good options to the next level, talk with the people in your life who will listen and understand what you are going through. Perhaps that friend who was in the same circumstance as you or your grandfather or a humble mentor who has always looked out for you and is more than happy to help you feel better.