OPINION: Here are the best psychology channels on YouTube


Wren Johnson

Columnist Tyler Guthrie discusses his favorite psychology channels on YouTube.

The human brain works like a business, but instead of an end goal of profit, the brain aims to make your body function. In this, it is crucial to understand the human psychology and chemistry of the brain.

I’ve found that the best way to learn about the brain is through mental health channels on YouTube. An array of channels on the platform exist to open gateways to all sorts of information.

One of my favorite channels is The Mighty, which is a mental health community created in 2015. The channel discusses all kinds of mental health, either through 10-minute podcasts or one to five-minute videos on various topics. 

I feel a sense of sincerity from this channel. It’s clear that the staff members truly care for their audience and are passionate. The staff comes across as down-to-earth people, as most of the talks feature them discussing their takes on mental health information. 

If you are looking for a channel that focuses specifically on one specific mental health disorder,  there are plenty of channels available.

There is an anxiety-only channel called The Anxiety Guy, where anxiety life coach Dennis Simisek releases detailed videos about a certain aspect of anxiety and how to confront it. 

There is also the How to ADHD channel, which is run by an energetic Jessica McCabe. This channel solely dives into ADHD, and McCabe covers the fine details,  like Simisek covers anxiety. McCabe discusses her own experiences with ADHD and provides animations of the brain to better illustrate the topic.

Animation channels, like Psych Hub and Psych2Go, exist to provide a more colorful, vibrant outlook on mental health. 

Psych Hub is a community of professionals who create both animated and piece-to-camera (PTC) videos. The animated videos take on a character style that is similar to the Infographics Show. While the character motions are a bit stiff, each animated video does its job of getting the message across. The PTC videos show those with medical degrees, Ph.D.s, and other mental health professionals discussing mental health topics. 

Like The Mighty and Psych Hub, Psych2Go is a community of professionals bringing a variety of mental health information to the table. Psych2Go stands out, not only from animation and community-building channels but also from solo PTC channels. 

Psych2Go embellishes its videos with a chibi style. The characters are drawn like marshmallow people donning a hairstyle of two banana leaves. These characters are supposed to represent the viewers and how they might interact with others. To top it off, the voice behind Psych2Go grabs your attention and relaxes you, letting you know that whatever you are going through,  it will all be okay in the end. 

If you are curious about any areas of mental health, these channels are spectacular places to go and visit. See what they have to offer, whether you have feelings which need to be consoled or just have a fascination with psychology. 

Those looking for other methods of support/help can visit Wichita State’s Counseling and Prevention Services (CAPS) website. CAPS offers any student at Wichita State free to $10 counseling sessions and other services.