Tiger Woods will someday be known as the best golfer ever


The quest to the all-time record for major championships is still eluding Tiger Woods. Every passing major tournament that Woods does not win increases the doubters exponentially, and last weekend was no different.

The fact of the matter is that Woods is back to being the number one golfer in the world today, and will one day be known as the best ever. Tiger has not won a major in five years, the longest drought of his career, yet he is still on pace to pass Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 career majors championships.

To this day, Woods has won 14 majors; Nicklaus did not win his 15th until he was 38-years-old and Tiger is still only 37. For anyone who says Tiger is done should remember that Nicklaus did not win his last major until he was 46.

It is only a matter of time before the victories find Woods, but believe it folks: Tiger is back.

In 2011, Woods played in only nine events without a single victory. In 2012, he played in many more events (19) yet only found three wins. So far in 2013, Woods has played in ten events, making the cut in all ten, and winning four of them.

“I still think he’ll break my record,” Nicklaus said earlier this year of Woods. “Tiger’s talent, at 37… I don’t think for Tiger to get four or five more is that big of a stretch.”

Now we all know Woods can be a walking circus: with the relationship drama, the injuries, the caddy change and the constant adjustments to his swing. That being said, none of us can deny the entertainment factor he brings to golf nor can we deny his talent.

Woods is being held to a higher standard, and honestly, it’s ridiculous. Phil Mickelson, the newly ranked number two golfer in the world, has played in five more events this year yet has only two victories to Woods’ four.

By the numbers alone, Woods is far and away the best in the field, and as we all know, numbers never lie.

“He has still got to do it,” Nicklaus said. “He hasn’t won one in five years; he had better get on with it if he’s going to.”

Expect big things from Woods in the coming years. He isn’t even close to being done.