New promotion higlights 2012-2013 athletic year

The Wichita State athletic department is running a Facebook promotion with pictures, videos and stories.

 “Relive it” highlights the successes that teams had during the 2012-13 season.

I saw the promotion popping up on my news feed and did a little bit of an eye roll at first. Not because I wasn’t proud of the men and women playing sports at the university, but because I thought that it was going to be all basketball.

Fortunately, I was wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I am incredibly proud of the run that our men’s basketball team made and glad to say I was attending the university at the time. 

But sometimes I think that we just concentrate a little too much on men’s basketball and leave the rest of the sports flapping in the wind. 

Instead, the promotion highlights the successes of several sports at the university in addition to the men’s basketball team including women’s basketballs first NCAA tournament, the first Sweet 16 appearance for women’s volleyball, and 18th Missouri Valley Conference Championship title for the men’s baseball team.

It is always enjoyable seeing some of the sports that are overlooked to get their dues and so far the athletic department has done a good job of that with the promotion. 

So far it has been nice to relive the year through the events they have shown. Here’s hoping that there’s more to add to it next year.