Trick-or-treat: For college students?

As we approach the Halloween season, it’s important, as college students, to know what we are socially allowed to do. Obviously costume parties and dressing up to get free burritos from Chipotle are OK, but what about trick-or-treating? 

It used to be that if you were old enough to drive, you were too old to go trick-or-treating, but now it seems as though college kids are getting their fill of nostalgia from going out well past their 16th birthdays.

Carmen Trease, a mother of one college student and two high school students, says there are better ways to celebrate as college students.

“I believe the cut-off age for trick-or-treating should be 13. That’s about when they start wanting to be treated as adults. One of these rights of passage include not trick-or-treating,” Trease said.

“If they want to get that nostalgic feeling, college students should dress up and go to parties instead of taking the experience away from small children. They had that experience already, now it’s time for them to defer it to the younger kids.”

If you, as a college student, really want to dress up and go door-to-door, learn a little something from the students at Pratt High School, who are dressing up to take donations for the local food bank. This not only brings you that nostalgic Halloween feeling, but it gives to a great cause. 

If you’re still not satisfied, maybe you just need to get a job as a door-to-door salesman and use your money to buy candy.