My plan to stop old man winter


I’ve extensively considered curling into a ball of blankets and pillows and hibernating until the warm spring sun shines. The 45-degree weather is clearly not for me, and it’s not even winter yet.

Last winter, my senior year of high school, was perfect. In Sterling, Kan., it snowed maybe twice and melted shortly after. I only had to break out my heavy winter coat for about a month.

Other times I was able to walk comfortably from my car to class in my hoodie. Of course I only had to walk across the street, and I didn’t have to go outside again until 3:15 p.m. when school was released.

Even though some people really love this weather change, I’m struggling. So since my hibernating plan is probably a little dramatic, I have concocted a three-step plan to fight away my winter-is-coming blues.

Step 1: I plan on drawing up a driving contract with my roommates. If they take me to class in the morning, I will take them/pick them up at their night classes. (I wouldn’t want to walk alone at night, even with my pink pepper spray).

Step 2: Soon, I will hit up every thrift store in town and buy every cheap sweater I can find. If this means I have to wear a cat sweater to class, I’ll do it. Thrift-store shopping is like Prada to a broke college student.

Step 3: Vitamins. Every year I nearly die from mono, strep, the common cold or the flu. This year, my life is at an even bigger risk. Even if I hate it, I’ll take all 12 of my vitamins daily to prevent that horrible feeling.