Stay active to conquer the freshman 15


Everyone has heard of the freshman 15. As freshmen, we either come in with the mentality that it will happen to us, or we’ll conquer it. This year, I was determined not to gain the alleged freshman 15. I immediately started plugging myself in to different activities to fight the weight.

The first thing that I had the opportunity to get involved in was the Freshmen Five program, created by Kacey Barr. She received a grant and was able to have a five-week program for 20 freshmen to teach them how to get familiar and be comfortable working out at the Heskett Center.

Barr sent out an email in July to every freshmen female living on campus. At first, I was slightly apprehensive about the idea, but quickly realized that this was what I needed to do. I was accepted into the program, and it was one of the most beneficial activities that I have experienced this year.

Along with being part of the Freshmen Five group, I enrolled in yoga as a class for credit. I decided to take yoga because I wanted to have a reason to go to the Heskett every week. Taking a class at the Heskett is a great way to force yourself to stay active. I find it incredibly convenient after class to just hop in the pool and swim laps.

Another way that I have ensured myself to conquer the freshman 15 is by purchasing a Shocker Fit Pass. The passes allow students to attend classes such as yoga, turbo kickboxing and ZUMBA. I have also taken advantage of the water aerobics classes that are offered. Water aerobics is a great way to have fun while getting a workout in.

The Shocker Fit Passes are $25 per session. The first session ends on Friday, Oct. 12, while the second session begins on Wednesday, Oct. 17. I think that this price is completely reasonable, considering you can attend as many different classes as you want, whereas at other places you would pay by session. The Shocker Fit Pass even offers special extra activities like pilates at the fountain.

Finally, I have recently been hired by Campus Recreation to be a lifeguard. I am blessed to have this opportunity because it is a job that requires you to stay in shape. I am excited to get started with that and want to encourage everyone to get a job where you are active.

I believe that everyone, freshman or senior, should take advantage of the Shocker Fit Pass and classes for credit offered at the Heskett. When enrolling for next semester, mix it up and try a class for rock climbing, Tae-kwon-do, swimming or yoga, and you will discover the benefits of working out.