Watch out for all of the rude people on campus


Because the school was built without considering the possibility that people might drive to it, I was cruising around the parking lot looking for a place to park. I suddenly spied a car backing out. I applied my tactical advantage and zipped in and grabbed the spot. The driver of a car that had been waiting had the nerve to use a non-approved driver’s hand-signal. When did people get so rude?

Just the other day, I was engaged in some hot and heavy text messaging as I walked from Hubbard to Elliott Hall. Multiple people barged right in to me. Couldn’t they see I was texting? Don’t they have any respect for my conversation with SxxyGrrl4U? There are rude and inconsiderate people everywhere.

I brought this up to a classmate of mine. Dr. Moore-Jansen was making a point about the high degree of similarity between humans and chimpanzees, which reminded me of all of the people on campus who behave so poorly. I turned to the person sitting next to me to share my brilliant insight, and he had the nerve to tell me to be quiet.

That was the last straw for me. I stood up and stomped out of the classroom, making a big show of grabbing my things so everyone would know I was offended.

I decided to get some lunch at one of my favorite Sunflower advertisers. You’d think since I work here, they’d know not to expect a tip. You’ve never seen such eye-rolling and poor service! Customer service has become infected with rude people.

Finally, I decided to write this column to highlight all this rude behavior. If I see something wrong, I point it out. I don’t believe in being passive-aggressive and sidestepping the issue.