College essentials: what you should have with you in class


Now that we are nearly a month into the semester, you should have a full grasp on where you need to go during the day. However, you’d be surprised how many people still seem to be missing a certain writing utensil or give blame toward a faulty piece of technology as the reason why they aren’t prepared for class.

With all the school supply sales still ongoing, there’s no better time than now to equip yourself with the essential supplies for college—other than Ramen noodles and Pabst Blue Ribbon.   

Next to your textbooks, the most important things are having something to write with and something to write on. No matter how long your memory stretches, you’ll still need to take notes during class. Notepads are my preferred choice, as they are easier to tear out and hand in compared to spiral notebooks.

Along with a three-ring notebook to contain all of your various syllabi, you should have some sort of daily planner. I’m not a fan of keeping track of things in a smartphone, as they are prone to accidentally delete material. I keep all of my important dates handwritten in a planner that fits right into the notebook.

Carrying more than one pencil and/or pen comes in handy, as they are prone to vanish without a trace. They also come in handy to show others how great of a Samaritan you are in letting them have one in time of need. Unless your book is already highlighted, look into getting a highlighter to make studying easier.

Laptops and tablets are something to consider, as the computers around campus can get filled up quickly. The wireless networks are easy to access, so you don’t have to walk around the buildings to find the “sweet spot” for Internet research. If you’re not a fan of hand writing your notes, then consider taking notes through a word processor. Just don’t get distracted with other programs or spend all your time on Facebook.    

It seems that messenger bags are becoming more stylish around campus. However, it’s designed for those with lighter loads. During those heavy load days, nothing beats my good ol’ backpack from when I was in high school.

Not everything you carry to campus has to be related to your class. If you’re like me, you have a lot of down time between classes and you want to give your brain a break. This can be done by listening to music though a media player or keep in touch of what’s going on through your smartphone. If you really want to go all retro, take a book with you or try to strike up conversations with those around you.

Things sure have changed since high school, when everything needed was more for style than for efficacy. Stick to essentials like these and you won’t find yourself in a mad scramble to get what you need from others.