Recapping your first week


Congratulations freshmen and transfer students—I’m assuming that if you’re reading this, you’ve made it through your first week of college and are passing the time between classes, instead of getting a refund for your semester. 

I know it’s quite a jump to go from the shallow end of the pool, also known as high school and community college, into the deep end of Wichita State. Hopefully you weren’t just thrown in, as there’s a lot to learn and experience during that first week. Just in case you need a breather, I’m here to recap what all you should know by now.

First and foremost, you should know exactly where all of your classes are among the various buildings on campus. The most important part of college is showing up where you need to be on time. If you don’t, you shall suffer the wrath of your friendly professors.  

Once you’re in class, you’ve hopefully got all of the required texts you need to complete assignments. I know I have one due today and you probably do, too. It’s smart to start off with an “A” assignment, rather than blowing it off and getting an “F.” 

Hopefully, you’ve made friends with your peers in each of your classes. Not only does this come in handy if you have to be absent, but it makes everyone feel more like a person instead of a number on a large campus.  

Knowing the shortest route between classes is also something of value to note, especially with all of the construction on the Rhatigan Student Center. Alternate routes are also something to bear in mind, especially for later in the winter when the campus is covered with snow and ice. 

Lastly, I hope that throughout this campus, you’ve found that special spot for working/studying. Whether it’s a table at the library or a bench outside, that special spot holds a lot of power in terms of providing comfort while you tackle something you love or just have to get done for class. 

The first time you do anything always seems like a cakewalk when you look back at it in retrospect, but it’s not always like that when you’re going through it. There’s no shame in that, as it is a large part of learning. I trust that the first week wasn’t at all traumatizing, and if you’re in the mindset of the advice I just mentioned, then it should be a true cakewalk through the second week and first month, and first semester, and first full year of college.