Dear Mr. Advice Man


Dear Mr. Advice Man:

I am currently taking a lab section, and two of my fellow students spent the entire class period elbowing each other and making dumb jokes.  Several times, I’ve been unable to understand the instructor because of their clowning.  I want to tell them to knock it off, but I don’t want to look like I’m being a buzz-killer.  How can I get them to tone it down?  – Conflicted in Chemistry

Dear Conflicted:

It can be tough dealing with disrespectful students at times.  A friend and I are taking chemistry lab together, and there’s a student in the lab who keeps glaring at us during our personal conversations.  Just the other day, I was just about to drop a particularly humorous “that’s what she said,” when that icy stare just killed the mood.  My advice is to quit going to class and get the notes from someone.

Dear Mr. Advice Man:

My professor and I have very different political ideologies.  I would like to challenge some of her political assertions in class, but I don’t want to appear disrespectful.  How can I stand up for my beliefs while maintaining a professional student-teacher relationship? – Freethinker in Philosophy

Dear Freethinker:

Wichita State University, like all universities, prides itself on being an open forum for the exchange of ideas.  So you should never hesitate to question what you are being told in class.  I’m sure your professor will explain why your opinion is wrong and why you should feel evil for daring to express it in public.  Then, you should quit going to class and get the notes from someone.

Dear Mr. Advice Man:

I sit behind a very attractive young woman in one of my classes.  I would like to get to know her better, but outside of the class we have nothing in common.  I don’t want to seem like a creeper.  What’s the best way to approach the situation without being weird about it? – Infatuated in English

Dear Infatuated:

This paper has previously printed advice for your situation.  However, I would ignore that and just be bold.  Simply ask her if she’s available to do something after class.  If she says yes, you’re in great shape.  If she says no, then the pain and humiliation of rejection leaves you with no other choice but to quit going to class and get the notes from someone.

Dear Mr. Advice Man:

I hired a guy to write news articles.  Instead, he comes up with a bunch of bad jokes and a highly inaccurate and bitterly sarcastic weather column.  His latest thing is an advice column where, regardless of the situation, he tells people to quit going to class and get the notes from a fellow student.  My question is, should I fire him now or wait until fall when there will be a larger pool of talent to replace him? – Editor at The Sunflower

Dear Editor:

He sounds OK to me.  Maybe you’re just overworked.  Try not going to class for a week or so.  You can get the notes from someone.