Make the most out of Father’s Day


Sunday is Father’s Day and you’re probably starting to scramble for that new tool set that’s on sale for this week only. You might be considering a gift card with Homer Simpson on it. Maybe you’re like me and find it difficult to shop for dad, as he’s a guy who has everything he needs. If he doesn’t, he gets it for himself.

Now, finding the perfect gift for dad is something that you’re going to have to find on your own. Probably the biggest gift you can give is showing him how much of an impact you’ve had on his life. There is no shame in reflecting on just how much of an impact he has made on yours, either.

When you’re younger you’ve probably heard, “You look and/or act just like your father,” from either your mother or other members of your family. The first instinct is one of disbelief, as you see yourself as your own person. It isn’t until you’re older and more mature that you begin to see what they mean.

Every time I find myself making a funny joke during a movie, I remember how my dad does that too, which makes the movie more entertaining than irritating.

My dad loves to cook and is very much into doing his own thing. Whenever I take a break from the usual drive-thru or microwavable meals, I try to follow his philosophy. Ironically that mostly results in meals that don’t end up in the trash.

Although my dad was a good yeller when I was young and mischievous, I never held it against him, because he was extremely kind at heart. When I find myself getting frustrated over something trivial, I’m reminded of his forgiving nature.

Although it will be a while before I have children of my own, I certainly hope that I will make just as good of an impact on their lives as my father has for me.

So this weekend, whether you visit your dad in person or call him on the phone, let him know you love him. I know if you’re a guy, it’s not as easy to say as it is to your mother. It might not be considered the most masculine thing to do, but whoever he is, he will appreciate it. Also, don’t be afraid to embrace some of his qualities if you see them within yourself.