Summer food fixes to beat the Kansas heat

Summer is a time to let down your hair, go barefoot and wear no shirt. However, health can be a problem with all this care-free nonsense and I want to keep you in check. Hit those farmers markets or local stores for your produce. I love Dillon’s, but preservatives have no place in my fridge during the summer months. And when the sun shines in Kansas, take some time to feel the rays.

Inexpensive weight warriors

Summers in Kansas can be unforgivable, but there are easy ways to beat the heat if you know which nutritious foods to eat.

Fresh berries: Whether it’s strawberries, blueberries or loganberries, grab a handful for a tasty, refreshing snack. Not only is summer peak berry season, but berries are loaded with antioxidants and can reduce age-related illnesses, lower cholesterol and prevent some cancers.

Carrots: These inexpensive treats can be put in a salad, grilled or dipped in a tasty sauce. Carrots are loaded with Vitamin A, which helps normal vision and decreases risk of blindness in elderly.

Watermelon: Not only will it curb those sweet-tooth cravings, but it will also increase your sex drive. Containing almost 90 percent water, the other 10 percent relaxes blood vessels, which increases libido, so stay hydrated and have some fun.

Frozen fruit: Looking for a refreshing, sweet treat? Try frozen grapes, cherries or peaches. Not only do they contain organic sugars your body needs, but they also contain less fat than ice cream.

Grilled veggies: Perfect for a cookout and proven to minimize skin damage.

Cucumbers: If you want to be cool as a cucumber this summer, help is on the way. Cucumbers are 20 percent cooler than other veggies.

Say no to greasy foods: Try to avoid greasy foods in the summer. They increase the thermal temperature of your body—not the best solution when it’s hot enough to boil an egg on the sidewalk.

Get the most out of summer

Don’t let the summer fly by without some healthy fun. Keep in shape, be safe in the sun and learn how to relax.

1. GET DIRTY. Go outside and garden. Just the feeling of dirt between your fingers is relaxing and said to help you feel “grounded.”

2. FLOSS. Every day. No joke. This might seem random, but flossing gets rid of a lot of oral bacteria, which increases your body’s ability to fight germs.

3. ENJOY NATURE. Summer means a little bit more free time, which means more time to appreciate your surroundings. Instead of playing Wii Fit indoors, go on a hike, swim, roller-blade, run a marathon or do a triathlon.

4. VACATION. I don’t care if you only have one day. Vacation means a break from regular activity. Whether that’s in Hawaii or your backyard, just take a break. Organize a field day with friends, kids or the neighborhood. Have fun!

5. ALCOHOL. Try lightening up on the drinks. Dilute drinks with juice. Choose wine, beer or wine spritzers for cold, light options instead of liquor.

6. CLOTHES. Don’t wear tight clothing; it will capture the heat and make you miserable. Instead, pick light-colored, loose fitting v-necks. They will give you shape without the sweat.