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Pictured: One of Jacob Hoggatts blacksmithing works. 

Student brings back age-old profession in new way

Madeline Deabler September 22, 2016

Taming hot flames, hammering molten metal, always having burnt hands and a sweaty forehead are all characteristics often associated with the long lost profession: blacksmithing.To most people, blacksmithing...

Pictured: SGA Campus Issues Chair Grace Sirois in her office.

Grace out of Greensburg

Andrew Linnabary September 22, 2016

Coming from Greensburg to Wichita, especially after living in a Federal Emergency Management Agency trailer for a year, was more than a change of location for Grace Sirois.Sirois’s home was destroyed...

Cody Herrin, American hero

Cody Herrin, American hero

Chance Swaim September 22, 2016

Cody Herrin has blown up deadly weapons in Iraq and guarded the president and secretary of state in Israel, but when he graduates summa cum laude from Wichita State this December, it will be his outstanding...

Cleared for takeoff

Evan Pflugradt September 22, 2016

Twenty hours in the air and 30 hours from home.From takeoff in the center of China, to a final arrival in the center of America, Hongsen Tian experienced three airports and lengthy layovers all in more...

Broomsticks and broken noses

Matthew Kelly September 22, 2016

Josh Barker, a Wichita State aerospace engineering major, knows a thing or two about flight. As an avid Harry Potter fan, his expertise extends to broomsticks.Barker first learned about collegiate Quidditch...

Student finds home in sports management

Fiona Kee September 22, 2016

Blake Molina describes himself as a typical college guy who enjoys watching sports, playing video games and working out.But one thing that isn’t typical about Molina is his confidence in knowing he wanted...

A brief bit of Bardo: WSU president talks work, recreation

Andrew Linnabary September 22, 2016

If one were to guess how Wichita State President John Bardo likes to spend his free time, the likely answer, at least in 2016, would be watching football.Yes, this is a pastime of Bardo’s, but there’s...

Late to rise: Pre-nursing student describes her life

Robert Hite September 22, 2016

Angela Nguyen said she gets up late most mornings before class at Wichita State and ends her day by playing with her two dogs.In between could be a variety of activities.“I get up pretty late for a typical...

13,000 students led by one Shepard

13,000 students led by one Shepard

Andrew Linnabary, Managing Editor September 22, 2016

“This is my life.” That's how second-term Student Body President Joseph Shepard describes his role in Student Government Association. When he wakes up, he immediately looks at his calendar...

Beba the marmoset sits on her owner Muhamad Mansours shoulder in August. The Arabic verson of Bebas name means my love.

Student greets incoming international students with pet marmoset

Andrew Linnabary, Managing Editor August 22, 2016

Taking an international flight, landing at Eisenhower National Airport and making the way to baggage claim — only to be greeted by a marmoset monkey. That was the welcoming international...

Sodexo worker brings love, mercy to those in need

Andrew Linnabary July 11, 2016

At many homeless shelters or soup shops, there is only one plate allowed to patrons. At Carmen Garcia’s homeless ministry, there is no limit.  “This lady I know says, ‘I don’t have any food...

Marissa’s Melodies

Marissa Campbell May 5, 2016

Several popular bands and artists released albums last week, which means there’s great new music for fans to enjoy. The new Bring Me the Horizon album brought a new sound fans have never heard, the artist SoMo released yet another soulful album full of slow jams, and many rock stars came together to release their first album as the super-group Hollywood Vampires.  

‘That’s the Spirit’ by Bring Me the Horizon

Released: Sept. 11

Genre: Metal/rock

Since their first album, Bring Me the Horizon has changed their rock sound and style quite a bit. Part of the sound change is due to lead singer Oli Sykes damaging his vocal cords after many years of screaming, but also because the band has matured and taken more control of their sound, which is heard on hits like “Throne.” Not only did the band change part of their sound, but they changed a song. “Drown” is revamped on this album and is just as powerful and hard-hitting as ever. The problem with this album is the fans who enjoyed the heavier music may not enjoy this album due to less screaming and yelling from Sykes (“What You Need”). Overall, the band has brought their usual array of fast and heavy chords that will keep the fans moshing for sure.

Download: “Throne”

‘My Life II’ by SoMo

Released: Sept. 11

Genre: R&B/soul

SoMo began his career in 2013 with his first album but became a radio sensation in 2014 with his self-titled album that featured the hit single “Ride.” With a similar sound, but not quite as unique as The Weeknd, SoMo tends to phase in between soul and rapping in his songs, which can be heard in the song “Bad Chick.” Listeners who are fans of ’90s slow jams will enjoy SoMo’s twist on the style of music with the different electronic sounds that he uses in a majority of his songs (“Hide & Freak”).

Download: “Hide & Freak”

‘Hollywood Vampires’ by Hollywood Vampires

Released: Sept. 11

Genre: Rock

The band Hollywood Vampires is made up of many famous rock stars including Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, Paul McCartney, Joe Perry and Abe Laboriel Jr. known for touring with other rock bands and artists as a guitarist. Depp decided to release his own album, which is how Hollywood Vampires came together. On songs such as “My Dead Drunk Friends” and “Raise the Dead,” Cooper’s raspy, creepy vocals can be heard crooning on the tracks. The band also does a cover of The Beatles’ “My Generation,” which is just as fun and lively as the original.

Download: “Raise the Dead”

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