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Jeromiah Taylor
Jeromiah Taylor is the former Opinion Editor for The Sunflower. He has served in this position since the Spring 2020 semester. Jeromiah has an overarching passion for publications and considers himself a vocational communicator. At the heart of Jeromiah's writing is an essential voice that arose in late adolescence after years of silence. As his mother is fond of saying, "we couldn't get you to talk and now you won't shut up!" Jeromiah's weekly column, "Into the Zeitgeist" aims to refract the cultural mood through the unique prism of Jeromiah's perspective and experience. The ambiguity of being biracial, the profound realities of being queer, and a life-long love affair with fashion and art inform Jeromiah's point of view. One day Jeromiah aspires to be an insufferably grandiose combination of Andre Leon Talley, Joan Didion, Franca Sozzani, and Patti Smith. Until then he's just following that age old advice and being himself - whoever that is.

Jeromiah Taylor, Former Opinion Editor

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