Review: Autumn and Art triumphs in 10th year


Jeromiah Taylor

Springfield, MO, artists Kris and Al Clement displayed their ceramic wares at the 10th annual Autumn and Art fair at Bradley Fair.

This weekend, Bradley Fair hosted the 10th annual Autumn and Art fair.

Artists from around the state and beyond gathered behind Bradley Fair to sell their creations.

There were plenty of options for patrons looking to purchase art.

Vendors displayed everything from blown glass to oil paintings as an active crowd of visitors ambled up and down the aisles.

Although Bradley Fair serves as the ultimate venue art fair, Autumn and Art is a city-wide effort.

“Wichita Festivals, the same organization that plans Riverfest, plans [Autumn and Art], and they partner with multiple arts organizations such as Mark Arts and the Wichita Art Museum,” said Jayden Massey, a Wichita State student and Wichita Festivals volunteer.

Featuring dozens of artists, Autumn and Art was a resplendent success in its 10th year.

However, a lot more goes on behind the scenes to make Autumn and Art the dependable seasonal attraction it has become.

“Wichita Festivals is a nonprofit organization,” Massey said. “Part of that is that it runs on donations. There are people who volunteer their time. None of the volunteers get paid.”

As visitors strolled contentedly, admiring the art and engaging visiting artists in conversation, it was apparent that something else bolsters Autumn and Art’s success — people like it.

Massey conveys the appeal of Autumn and Art succinctly: “It’s a free event and it’s fun to come look at art.”

While the arts flourish in Wichita, Autumn and Art, a veteran staple of Wichita art community, seems to be on steady footing as it journeys into the future.