Whether you’re looking for study music that’s relaxing, uplifting, or even deafening, the Arts and Entertainment section has you covered.


Easton Thompson

Ixy Esparza, a junior studying nursing, makes a WSU tile at the event held on Wednesday, January 30. The event was put on by Student Affairs.

Ella’s Picks

“Park Music” by Scott James

“Park Music” is a soft acoustic lofi track to calm your nerves and bring a wave of serene mellow over your back to school jitters. Take a deep breath, soak in this bittersweet ballad, and find a sense of calm before diving into your day.

“Trembling Hands” by The Temper Trap

This song feels like the break of dawn after a stormy night. With an intro that serves straight dramatic etherealism, “Trembling Hands” hits the sweet spot. Emulating the essence of glorious agony, this song captures the whirlwind of crossing the finish line exhaustion with an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. 

“Sofia” by Clairo

Clairo’s vocals are silky sweet. “Sofia” is chilly, but present. It has just enough energy to keep you awake, but it’s not so overbearing that it becomes distracting. It has the perfect tempo to keep you in tune with your work and conscious.

“California Daze” by Peace

The subdued verses quickly rise like a wave and crash into a saltwater haze. Breaking out into an enigmatic bridge, “California Daze” is transformative. The tropical tones of this song can make any study session suddenly feel like a sad doo-wop paradise.


Karen’s Picks

“Lover” by Taylor Swift

The mellow beat, acoustic guitar and Swift’s soft voice makes for a perfect study session song. Not only does this instrumental masterpiece bring love and warmth into your heart, it also disperses any anxiety that comes with studying for a big exam. The only downside to having this song as a part of your study session will be fighting the urge to sing along to its beautiful lyrics for its entirety; but hey, those four minutes can serve as a much needed study break. 

“iT’s YoU” by Zayn Malik

For some inexplicable reason, Zayn’s smooth voice coupled with a soft bass makes me concentrate to the extent that turning in an English essay on time feels like a burden that will determine my fate. If the perfect blend of smooth R&B and pop that is “IT’s YoU”, doesn’t have the same mega-focusing effect on you as it does on me, then I recommend listening to the rest of his “Mind of Mine” album to find some other hidden gems. 

“New York State of Mind” by Billy Joel

This six minute masterpiece starts off with a beautiful piano melody that could only have been composed by The Piano Man himself. The elegant piano, lively saxophone and picturesque lyrics will transport you to a calm, winter night in New York City while you try to make sense of your lecture notes. 

“Black Magic Woman” by Santana 

The velvety, long strums of the electric guitar and the faint drum beats in the background will undoubtedly send you into a world of concentration. This song has the perfect mix of smooth rock and R&B which will make you wish that you were either solitarily drinking at a late night bar or writing the next novel of whatever it is your interested in hopefully the latter since this is, afterall, a study playlist.


Brogan’s Picks

“I Was Born For This” by Austin Wintory

The instrumental and airy vocals will bring you into a mysterious voyage of self discovery as you burn your way through that Algebra homework. “Journey,” the video game “I Was Born for This” is from, was critically acclaimed for its soundtrack that propelled the listener through an epic quest. 

“One Summer’s Day” by Joe Hisaishi

Like the chirping of cicadas on a hot summer’s evening, there’s a dark beauty that Hisaishi creates in “One Summer’s Day”. The melancholic undertone of the score doesn’t end with the addition of the adventurous brass section, but instead spirits the listener away to an exciting otherworldly realm.

“Lavender Town” Composed by Junichi Masuda, Performed by Moisés Nieto

You’ll be hard pressed to find the original composition of this calm, yet eerie song, but I find Moisés Nieto does the song justice in his harsh, yet soft; loud, but quite piano cover.

“Paint it, Black” Performed by Ramin Djawadi 

An instrumental cover of the Rolling Stones hit, Ramin Djawadi takes the rock classic and throws it back to the old west. Djawadi keeps that classic rock vibe while still making it perfect for that epic study session —as well as gun slinging in the west. 


Aileen’s Picks

“Do You Remember (feat. Death Cab for Cutie)” by Chance the Rapper

Incredible song. Mellow vibes. Really brings on the nostalgia. 

“BROWN SKIN GIRL (feat. Blue Ivy Carter)” by Beyoncé, SAINt JHN & Wizkid

Such a sweet song. Bey dedicates this to those darker complections, but it’s a sweet jam for everyone nonetheless. 

“Pretty” by Ingrid Michaelson

Even if you aren’t a Stranger Things fan, this song is such a bop. It’s funky, and the lyrics are so empowering. 

“Best Part (feat. H.E.R.)” by Daniel Caesar 

They are the duo you didn’t know you needed. You can listen to this song on repeat and feel those same sweet-sounding feels each time. 


Jeromiah’s Picks

“Black Coffee” by Sarah Vaughan 

What could be more chill than a slow burning jazz tune about coffee? Get busy as you listen to Sarah Vaughan coo in praise of the joys of being caffeinated. While you’re at it, consider delving into your very own cup of black coffee.

“Sempre Libera” Performed by Maria Callas 

The definitive soprano of the 20th Century singing the definitive opera composer of the 19th? Yes please. Studies show that classical music is better for the brain, so crank this bop up and knock that homework out!

“Nerves” by Bauhaus

Ok, so maybe this isn’t the best song to listen to while studying, but it’s amazing nonetheless. Discordant instrumentals and impassioned vocals combine to tantalize even on the millionth replay. Who cares if you get a little distracted from square roots or past tense verbs or whatever it is they have you doing.

“Good Form” by Nicki Minaj

Three assignments down. You’ve listened to opera, jazz, and punk. You’re exhausted but still have more work to do, what now? Well the barbz would argue that this uptempo confection does the trick just about anytime you need a boost. I concur.