Donald Trump selects Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo as CIA Director


Jessica Green

U.S. Representative Mike Pompeo chats with a WSU class earlier this month. President-elect Donald Trump selected Pompeo as the C.I.A. Director.

President-elect Donald Trump selected Mike Pompeo as the CIA Director, according to sources close to the Mr. Trump’s transition team.

Pompeo, a three-term congressman from Kansas, graduated first in his class from West Point, according to his website. He went on to serve in the military and eventually returned to Kansas where he went into business as the president of Sentry International, an equipment manufacturing company.

Pompeo has served on the House Intelligence Committee. He has also worked on America’s intelligence-gathering efforts, energy, healthcare, manufacturing and telecommunications.

Earlier this month, Pompeo told The Sunflower that national security is the most important issue to him as he works with law enforcement agencies and the intelligence committee.

Pompeo said Americans are more at risk from radical Islamic terrorists than eight years ago.

“I work very hard with my role in the intelligence committee to ensure our law enforcement agencies have the tools and the intelligence capacity to take down these plots and keep us all safe,” Pompeo said.

Pompeo had a major role as one of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s harshest critics at the Benghazi Hearings.

To become the CIA Director, Pompeo must be confirmed by the Senate.